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CS-8 Central switch

Innovative modular eight-channel relay with built-in operating scenarios and group control functionality.

Eight-channel relay with built-in operating scenarios ION CS-8
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This innovative device is designed for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications, where high reliability and safety are required. It is used for switching low-loads with group control functionality (centralized switching function).

With built-in scenarios you can implement flexible automation tasks for lighting and appliance control.


The switch is powered from an internal 24V supply unit, which allows them to be installed in locations where units with higher voltages (110V/220V) is prohibited (by the local standard for the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment).

You can even use a signal cable or a twisted pair to connect the wall switches, which simplifies installation and saves money


High-quality 10A relays with an 80A inrush current are used to control outputs. This enables the device to control both typical standard loads and electric motors and LED lights.

Electrical endurance – up to 100,000 ops.

User settings

Light control without getting out of bed

Light control without getting out of bed

A long press on a wall switch will start the control scenario that not only turns off all bedroom lights, but also turns on the night lighting (if desired) for a preset time. A normal short press will activate only the lights controlled by this wall switch.

One switch — two loads

One switch — two loads

You can turn on room lighting with a short press and balcony lighting with a long press (for a preset time, if desired).


Selectable switch type for each input – toggle wall switch or non-locking push button (tactile switch).

Unlimited number of switches connected a single input to control the selected output from different locations.

Configuring selected inputs to detect long presses, which allows them to be used to control an one output or a group of outputs.


You don’t have to worry about the mains voltage fluctuations due to the wide input voltage range of 85V to 305V.

With an operating temperature range of -35°C to +45°C the switches can be used in different climatic zones.

The unified dimensions mean that the master switch can be installed in standard distribution boards next to other modular devices.

The three-module design (53 mm) makes efficient use of panel space, replacing 8 modular relay devices.


The ability to automatically turn off outputs after a preset time period (delayed turning off and/or limitation of the closed output state) further enhances safety and increases savings.

The status of the selected outputs is retained in non-volatile memory when powering off and is restored upon re-activation.

Personal scenarios settings are stored in non-volatile memory.


Do you want to know more? Try smart lighting control with our interactive online demonstration.


PDF User’s manual and Technical description

PDF Certificate of conformity

PDF Declaration of conformity

PDF Functions and description of the Modbus RTU protocol

PDF Modbus RTU parameter and data tables (v1.60)

PDF Guidelines on the connection to the RS-485 network

PDF (UA) Album of standard solutions (The translation will be coming soon)

PDF Change history