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About us

SRPC ION LLC was founded in February 2021, but work on developing smart devices began long before that. Since that time we have learned to deal with challenges, work hard to make our dreams come true and make things happen. Our company was created by like-minded enthusiasts who were dissatisfied with the existing solutions on the market and set out to bring more comfort to everyday life.

“Is my iron unplugged?” Who hasn’t asked themselves that question when out of the house?

There are numerous solutions for controlling remote appliances, but what if the Internet is off? Anyway, why should we have to install something on our smartphone, run some apps or use remotes? Why can’t the appliance turn off automatically when you leave the building? In this case, there is no need to worry about the iron being unplugged…

With this in mind we developed smart modules with built-in scenarios to control lights and appliances, replacing actions and processes performed by a human.

Our modules are set according to the specific needs of the user (owner) of an apartment, house, office or any other premise in order to ensure manual control, energy saving, and installation price reduction as compared to commonly used devices.


Offer an affordable, high-quality, and user-friendly product which makes life easier for its users.


Our core value is product quality and commitment to excellence. We constantly strive to improve.
The trust of our clients and respect of our partners.


Our success is based on forethought, efficiency and innovation. We strive to be a trendsetter in the electrical appliances automation market.



  • … 2020
    Prototype development
  • February 2021
    Company registration
    Launch of “Smart ION” startup
  • July 2021
    Award of a UFS development grant
  • August 2021
    Award of a utility patent
  • November 2021
    Award of a certificate of compliance
  • February 2022
    Market launch
  • May 2022
    Restoration of production after the start of the active phase of war
  • September 2022
    Participation in a special project to promote community recovery Hub “Great Recovery”
  • August 2023
    Top Ukrainian Award in the nomination “Smart devices for controlling lighting and electrical appliances ‘ 2023 year”

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